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Lord Cameron of Loch Broom's Address to Lochiel
at the Red Oak Dedication Ceremony
Clan Cameron International Gathering
August 4, 2001

Sir Donald, loyal Camerons, friends far and wide.  We are gathered here 'neath Nevis' lofty peak once more to celebrate our bonds of kinship, ancient heritage and historied name.

But before all, heartily, aye gladly, to pledge our allegiance to our chief, fifty years our chief, Donald Dubh, as unstinting as his illustrious forebears in his dedication and devotion to us, his proud and thankful clansmen.

Under his stalwart leadership the Camerons, wherever in this world's four corners they may be, have prospered; their name revered, their heritage honoured and their history renown.

Lochiel, the clan salutes you. May this oak tree stand as a symbol for future generations of the Cameron's sturdy tradition, strength of fellowship, hopes for the future and enduring roots in the heart of Lochaber."