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The Muirlaggan Resolution
by Jacobite Clan Chiefs
May 8, 1746

We, subscribers, heads of Clans, commanders and leaders, do hereby unanimously agree, and solemnly promise forthwith, with the utmost expedition, to raise in arms, for the interest of his Royal Highness, Charles, Prince of Wales, and in defense of our country, all the able-bodied men that all and every one of us can command or raise, within our respective interests or properties.

Item, We hereby promise and agree, that the following Clans, viz., Lochiel, Glengarry, Clanranald, Stewarts of Appin, Keppoch, Barrisdale, Mackinnon, and Macleods, shall rendezvous on Thursday next, the 15th instant, at Auchnacarry (sic), in the braes of Lochaber.

Item, We also promise and agree, that neither of us shall discover or reveal, to any of our men or inferior officers, the resolutions of our present meeting; or the day and place appointed for our rendezvous, till such time as our respective corps are assembled.

Item, To facilitate the junction of our army with all possible speed, it is agreed, that the Frasers of Aird, and others our friends on the north side of the river Ness, shall join the people of Glenmoriston and Glengary; and that the Frasers of Stratherrick, the Mackintoshes, and Macphersons, shall assemble and meet at the most convenient place in Badenoch, on Thursday the 15th current.

Item, The Macgregors, Menzies, and Glenlyon's people, shall march to Rannoch, and join the Rannoch and Athol men; and be ready to receive intelligence and orders to meet the main body in the braesof Mar, or any other place that shall be most convenient.

Item, It is agreed that Major-General Gordon of Glenbucket, and Colonel Roy Stuart, shall advertise Lord Lewis Gordon, Lord Ogilvie, Lord Pitsligo, the Farquharsons, and the other principal gentlemen of the North, with the resolutions taken at this meeting; and that they shall agree among themselves as to a place of rendezvous, so as to be able to join the army where it shall be judged most proper.

Item, That Clunie Macpherson, and Colonel Roy Stuart, shall advertise the principal gentlemen of the Mackintoshes of our resolutions.

Item, It is agreed, that there shall only be one captain, lieutenant and ensign, two sergeants, and two corporals to every company of forty men; and an adjutant, quarter-master, and surgeon, to every regiment.

Item, That every corps shall appoint an officer and a number of men, not exceeding twelve, to remain in the country; with ample powers to punish deserters, who, immediately at their first appearance in the country, are to be hanged; unless they can produce a pass or furlough from a general officer.

Lastly, We further promise and engage ourselves, each to the other, to stand and abide by these resolutions, for the interest of his Royal Highness, and the good of our country, which we apprehend to be inseperable, to the last drop of our blood; and never to lay down our arms, or make a seperate peace, without the general consent of the whole.  And in case any one engaged in this association shall make seperate terms for himself, he shall be looked upon as a traitor to his Prince, and treated by us as an enemy.