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Poem on The Gentle Lochiel
from The Glasgow Bellman
September, 1745

Here for a space they took a rest,
And had refreshment of the best
The country round could then afford
Though many found but empty board,
As sheep and cattle were drove away,
Yet hungry men sought for their prey;
Took milk and butter, kirn and cheese,
Of all kinds of eatables they seize;
An he who could not get a share,
Sprang to the hills like dogs for hare;
There shot the sheep and made them fall,
Whirled off the skin, and that was all;
Struck up fire and boiled the flesh,
With salt and pepper did not fash;
They did enrage the Cameron Chief,
To see his men so play the thief;
And finding one into the act,
He fired and shot him through the back;
Then to the rest himself addressed:
"This is your lot, I do protest-
Whoe'er amongst you wrongs a man;
Pay what you get, I tell you plain;
For yet we know not friend or foe,
Nor how all things may chance to go."