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An excerpt from The Field of Waterloo
by Sir Walter Scott

...Period of honor as of woes
What bright careers 'twas thine to close!-
Mark'd on thy roll of blood what names
To Briton's memory, and to Fame's,
Laid there their last immortal claims!
Thou saw'st in seas of gore expire
Redoubted Picton's soul of fires-
Saw'st in the mingled carnage lie
All that of Ponsonby could die-
De Lancey change Love's bridal-wreath,
For laurels from the hand of Death-
Saw'st gallant Miller's failing eye
Still bent where Albion's banners fly,
And Cameron, in the shock of steel,
Die like the offspring of Lochiel;
And generous Gordon, 'mid the strife,
Fall while he watch'd his leader's life.-
Ah!  though her guardian angel's shield
fanced Britain's hero through the field,
Fate not the less her power made known,
Through his friends' hearts to pierce his own!