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Patent of Nobility King James VIII in Favor of John Cameron of Lochyel
January 27, 1717

James, by the Grace of God, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc.  We being well satisfied with the Duty, Loyalty, and affection of our trusty and well-beloved John Cameron, eldest son to Sir Ewen Cameron, of Lochyel, and taking into consideration the good services formerly preformed (sic) to the Crown by that family, as well as their late appearance for us in the last attempt in Scotland for restoring that Kingdom to its ancient liberties and privileges and us to the just possession thereof.  On which occasion the said John Cameron did, in obedience to the summons given to him by John, then Earl now Duke of Mar, to whom we had committed the direction of our affairs, bring out the men and following of the family of Lochyel, and with them joined our Royal Standard and afterwards continued with them in our service until all thoughts of doing anything further in this way were laid aside, until a more favorable opportunity should offer.  And being resolved not only for these good services, but also to attach the said John Cameron and his family the more to the interest of the Crown and to us and our lawful successors, and to make them further useful to this Country, and likewise as a mark of our Royal favor.  To confer on the said John Cameron and his lawful heirs male the Title and dignity aftermentioned.  Our Will and pleasure therefore is and We hereby ordain letters patent to be past under our great seal of our ancient kingdom of Scotland Making and creating and we hereby make and create the said John Cameron a Lord and Peer of the Parliament of our said Kingdom by the name and title of Lord Lochyel, to have and to hold, to him and his lawful heirs male with all the privileges, preheminences, precedences, places, immunities, and other advantages which by the Law and Custom of our said Kingdom do appertain, in as full and ample manner as any other Lord of our said Kingdom does hold the same - Which letters patent are likeways to contain all such charges as are necessary for making the same valid and effectual, and We hereby dispense with all informalities (if any be) herein contained And ordain the said letters patent to pass the great seal of our said ancient kingdom of Scotland, per saltum wtout (sic) passing any other seal.

For doing whereof this shall be a sufficient warrant.

Given at our court at Avignon, the 27th day of Jaunary In the sixteenth year of our reign 1717 by his Majesty's command.