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Letter to Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel
from King Charles II
November 3, 1653
(complimenting him for his courage in battle)

To our Trusty and Well-beloved Laird of Lochieil


Trusty and Well-beloved, wee greet yew well.  Wee are informed by the Earl of Glencairn with what notable courage and affection to us yow have beheaved yourself at this time of tryall, when our interest, and the honour and liberty of your countrey, is at stake; and therefore, wee cannot but express our hearty sense of such your good courage, and return yow our princely thanks for the same.  And wee hope all honest men, who are lovers of us or their countrey, will follow your example, and that yow will unite together in the wayes wee have directed; and under that authority wee have appointed to conduct yow, for the prosecution of so good a work.  So wee doe assure yow wee shall be ready, as soon as wee are able, signally to reward your service, and to repair the losses yow shall undergoe for our service; and so wee bid yow farewell.

Given att Chantilly, the 3rd day of November, 1653, in the fifth year of our reign.