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The Wildcat of Glenevis
From Witchcraft and Second Sight in the Western Highlands and Islands
(Collected from oral sources by Rev. John Gregorson Campbell, Minister of Tiree)

Cameron of Doïni, or Glenevis, was out hunting, and killed a wild-cat.  The animal, when expiring, asked him to tell, when he went home, that 'the King of the Cats' (Righ nan Cat) was dead, or according to others 'the Key of Battle' (an Iuchair Chath), or 'the streaked Brindled one' (a Bhruchail Bhreal).  As he told his story, the little black kitten in the ash-hole (an toll na luath) bristled up and swelled, till it was as large as a dog.  Cameron said "You are swelling, cat."  The cat answered "My feathers and my swellings are growing bigger with the heat," and, springing at the chieftain's throat, killed him.  The scions of this family (Teaghlach Dhomhainnidh Ghlinn-Ibheis) till quite recent times, would not tolerate a cat in the house, from memory of this tradition.

Editor's Note:  This tale might have been adapted from past animosities between the Glen Nevis Camerons and those from the Clan Mackintosh.  This is theorized from the Mackintosh mascot, which is a cat.  It also has similarities to the tale of a past Lochiel, who reportedly also encountered the King of the Cats at Tor Castle.