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Article on Jacobite Prisoner Dougall Cameron
Maryland Gazette
May 11, 1748

Robert Horner, living at Newport in Charles County, reported 2 runaway rebel servants: Dough Cameron and Andrew Smith.

Editor's Note:  Dougall Cameron was one of two Cameron Jacobite prisoners who departed from Liverpool on May 4, 1747 aboard Master Richard Holmes' transport "Gildart" and reportedly arrived at Port North, Potomac, Maryland on August 5th.  Strangely, the above referenced newspaper, published on August 4th, indicates that this ship and Rebel prisoners had arrived on Sunday, July 26th.  Regardless of the exact date, the Gildart docked on the lower Potomac and delivered its cargo of prisoners, among who was Dougall Cameron, a former resident of Inverness and a Jacobite soldier in Lochiel's Regiment.  He was purchased by the above referenced Robert Horner.