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The Young Lochiel
by C.L.
September 12, 1910

Rejoice, Achnacarry, rejoice
That an heir is born to Lochiel,
And the clansmen all will rejoice,
For Camerons always are leal.

His coming they hail with delight,
Of a long line of chiefs the heir;
They pray that his sky may be bright,
And his life unharrased with care.

That the virtues which graced his sires
May be his in a high degree,
And the goal to which he aspires,
For the weal of our land may be.

Far back through the years we may trace
The progress and growth of his clan,
But the origin of his race
Was before tradition began.

From the noble line of Montrose
The young chief can lineage claim,
And no name that our country knows
Is higher in honour and fame.

The Cameron and Graham we hail:
Cameron and Graham combined;
Long may we search and yet fail
A union more honoured to find.

The past has its story oft told,
The future its hopes to inspire;
As the years the issue unfold,
May his deeds be fit for the lyre.

And the infant welcomed to-day -
The child of fond hopes and desires -
Find his place in historic lay,
High in rank as his noblest sires.

Editor's NotesThis poem was composed in tribute to the birth of Colonel Sir Donald Hamish Cameron of Lochiel, K.T. and is credited to have been either written on or released on his actual day of birth.  Its author is only noted as "C.L."