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by Margaret Cameron (Marairead Cham'ron)



The latest news I have just had 'S e naidheachd ùr fhuair mi 'n dràsta
From the hand of King George, appearing in the Gazettes, O làimh Ŕgh Dẹrsa anns na Gàsaidibh
My heart welcomes it greatly, Rinn mo chridhe ris ṃr-ghàirdeachas
That every proper heir will have his place. Gach oighre dligheach bhith faighinn àite.
Our ancestors lost all with their foolishness Chaill ar sinnsir sud le'n g̣raich
It was not due to a lack of learning or experience 'S cha chion aithne bh'orr' na foghlum
Just that it would not yield them alive Mhàin nach gèill e iad le 'm bẹ-shlàint
Except to Charles against George. Ach le Teàrlach an aghaidh Dhẹrsa.
Some went to France, some to Holland, Chaidh chuid do'n Fhraing 's cuid do'n ̉laint
Some went down in the sea in storm Chaidh cuid 's an fhairge śos le ḍilinn
Some others were torn apart Chaidh cuid eile reubadh bẹ dhiubh
On behalf of the Prince who went into exile As leth a' Phrionnsa dh'fhalbh air f̣gradh
Now since you have found the King so faithful Nis o fhuair sibh an Ŕgh co d́leas
That he has given you a letter from the office 'S gun d'thug o'n Bḥrd dhuibh litir sgŕobhta
For land once possessed by our ancestors Air an fhearran bh'aig ar sinnsir
You will never ever leave him [...] Chaoidh chan fhàg sibh e gu d́linn [...]
Your pine-wood has become a dusty desert Dh'fhalbh do ghiùsaich 'na duslach fhàsaich
And your people are scattered everywhere 'S tha do dhaoin' air sgaoil 's gach àite
By Butter, putting them out of steadings Aig a' Bhutrach 'gan cuir o àiteach
When you come home, you will set them in order. Nuair thig thu dhachaidh gun cuir thu àird orr'.

Editor's Notes:  From the opening of Margaret Cameron's "̉rain Nuadh Ghàidhealach."  She was originally from Lochaber, later residing in Perthshire.  This work relates to the enthusiasm that Lochaber residents felt when the Lochiel family had their estates restored, subject to a large fine.  Margaret expressed hope that Lochiel could restore his land and tenants from the damage she perceived to have been done during the management of the Forfeited Estates, particularly by commissioner Henry Butter.