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by Mary Cameron MacKellar

Oh!  for the beautiful sunlight
That smiles on hill and lea,
And oh!  for thy glorious freshness
Thou rippling western sea!
The smell of the purple heather,
The myrtle wild, and thyme,
And the balmy fragrant sweetness
Of the Autumn's golden prime.

Oh!  for a sight of Ben Nevis!
Methinks I see him now,
As the morning sunlight crimsons
The snow-wreath on his brow.
As he shakes away the shadows,
His heart the sunshine thrills,
And he towers high and majestic
Amidst a thousand hills.

But dearer far than Ben Nevis,
And thy blue shores, Loch Eil,
The touch of the hand that bringeth
Emotion's gladsome thrill;
And the sight of kindly faces
Mine eyes have yearned to see;
And the music of living voices,
That sound like psalms to me.

Oh!  fair is the face of Nature,
But fair all things above
Is the soul that from her window
Beams forth the light of love.
The wealth of affection treasured,
In hearts that ne'er grow cold,
Is better than all earth's riches
Of priceless gems and gold.

Editor's Notes: Mary Cameron MacKellar, the great Gaelic Bardess of Corrybeg, Lochaber was of Cameron of Kinlochiel "stock."  A co-founder of the Clan Cameron Association, Mary recorded many classic Lochaber stories and gifted the world with many poetic works.  This poem is from her 1880 work "Poems and Songs, Gaelic and English."