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Clan Cameron
by Nancy Carlon
April 6, 2002

Up the Ben and doon the dale,
The Cameron Clan tramped o'er the shale,
Tae charge the spirits of those gone by,
Soaring with the eagle, up in the sky.

Their kin fought hard for what they believed;
Their appearance wasn't always well received.
Many a man has died with pride,
Stopping invaders coming in with the tide.

Clad in their tartan, tattered and torn,
They were often glad to see the morn.
Their feet were cut but on they'd march,
Unaware of the pain of each new scratch.

So think of those who have gone before,
Thank them for their bravery o'er and o'er.
If it wasn't for them, who knows where we'd be?
Ruled by someone from over the sea.

Editor's Note:  Written by a "friend of Clan Cameron" hailing from Perth, Scotland.