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Lochiel Visits Orlando
by Patsie Cameron
from The Piper (newsletter of Clan Cameron Association, Grandfather Mountain Branch)
Fall 1992

Sir Donald Cameron of Lochiel and Lady Cameron were guests of honor at the Orlando Highland Games in January.  Needless to say, Camerons came from far and near to visit with Lochiel, Lady Cameron and daughter Ann.  Receptions on Thursday and Friday night set the tone for the weekend.  The Lochiels were gracious and kind to all and made quite an impression.

The games were held at the Fairgrounds on a bright sunny day, accompanied by a cool wind.  We all mingled, visited, hugged and enjoyed the opportunity to be together with our chief.  Cameras were much in evidence so the occasion was well documented.

Lochiel was brought onto the field in some sort of antique automobile and seated with him in the back was GOOFY!  Well - we could have been shocked or amused - we choose amused!!  Goofy was dressed in a kilt, sporran and the whole nine yards - but couldn't another character have been used?  But when I think of it, would Mickey, Minnie, Donald, or Pluto have been any better?  It was all in good fun.

Saturday night found a packed ballroom where we ate a delicious meal featuring Chicken Achnacarry (it had white grapes in the sauce) and trifle for dessert.  The tables were laid with lovely linen and prizes were awarded.  The majority of those present were Camerons, so you know a good party was in progress!  The musicians played the entire evening and the dance floor was busy between courses and after dessert.  The Lochiel family danced the Lancers with a contingent of Scottish Country dancers and did us proud not only in that, but in their dedication to other dances as well.  All too early it was time to leave - the musicians went home, the tables were cleared, they flashed the lights and still a merry band of Camerons just couldn't let the evening end.  Alas and alack we finally wended our way to the elevators and laid our happy heads on the pillow.

Early the next morning we reassembled for a Cameron breakfast - which was attended by quite a few non-Camerons who wanted to "see how it is done."  Lochiel presented the Charter to the Orlando Branch and in turn was presented with several items to commemorate his trip.  The Grandfather Mountain Ladies presented Lady Cameron a new green United States one hundred dollar bill to be exchanged for a tree of her choice to be planted in the garden at Achnacarry.  George Beasley cast a plaque to designate the tree.  It is the hope of all that our children and grandchildren will be able to sit in the shade of the tree and read the plaque and remember the tales they were told about Lochiel's visit to Florida in January-February, 1992.  George Beasley also cast some beautiful brass Clan Cameron Crest Plates to be secured to the gates at Achnacarry.  They were a gift of the Clan Cameron of North America.

After breakfast many of us left in a hurry to get to Epcot in time to watch as Lochiel opened Scottish Day at the park.  Dancers, pipers, bands and many kilted gentlemen paraded throughout the park all day.

The Orlando Camerons, led by Bill Cameron, did a super marvelous job of putting it all together.  From our point of view everything went off without a hitch, and we say "thank you very much" to all of our Cameron cousins in Florida.