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An excerpt from The Rhyming History of Bathgate
by Mr. Convery and Alexander Hamilton, the poet of Kirkroads
circa 1746

This brings us tae the 'Forty five,
'Tae Charlie and the Clans,
Wha slept ae nicht on Bathgate Hills
When gaun tae Prestonpans.
The rank and file, row'd in their plaids,
Lay doon at Clinkinstane,
While Lord George Murray wi' the Prince
Unto the Deans has gane.
A royal banquet there was spread,
Wi' Norvell at its head,
Wha drank tae Johhny Cope's defeat
Before they gaed to bed.
A worthy Provost in our toon,
Within his house can show
The curtains o' the Prince's bed,
The counterpane an' a'.
At dawn o' day the Cameron Clan
Brak' in on Lizzie Meikle,
And toom'd her girnal and her kirn,
Which put her in a pickle.
Some ran wi' jugfu's o' the cream,
And made it into crowdie;
While others clap'd theirs on the fire
For brochin and powsowdie.
Brave Lizzie ran straight to Lochiel,
And telt him 'bout his men;
The Chieftan laugh'd, and frae his purse
Drew gouden pieces ten,
And flung them right intae her lap,
Then turn'd and wish'd good bye;
And lang did Lizzie Meikle tell
She ne'er made mair aff kye.

Editor's Notes: Bathgate, a small Scottish town, was visited by Bonnie Prince Charlie and his army during the 1745 Jacobite Uprising.  It seems as though The Gentle Lochiel made ammends for the Cameron men and their intrusion on local lass Lizzie Meikle - she related her satisfaction with the outcome.