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Jacobite Deposition
against Donald "The Gentle Lochiel" Cameron, XIX Chief of Clan Cameron
circa 1746

CHAS. CAMPBELL - I was some years personally acquainted with him before the rebellion.  When I saw him at Edinburgh (which was in September or October) he marched oftener than once at the head of the Camerons in a highland dress, and I knew him immediately at first sight.  He was very active in giving directions to the Camerons. I saw him march at the head of his regiment.  He went with the Camerons (the rebels) at the blockade of the Castle.  The Camerons were in arms for the Pretender, and wore white cockades.

JOHN HICKSON - I know Cameron of Lochiel, but don't know whether he hath a father or not.  He with Lord Nairn took possession of my house and the town of Perth in September.  He is a middle-aged man.  The Provost told me it was needless to guard the town, for they would burn it if there was opposition.  They marched in and placed sentinels in all the posts.

JOHN VERE - Donald Cameron of Lochiel: He was called by that name and answered to it.  He was one of the Council who examined me 3rd Dec. last.  He was Major-General of the clans.  I saw him then in arms at the head of the Camerons with the rebel army.

Wm. HASTIE - Donald Cameron of Lochiel: I did not know him before the rebellion.  I saw him in it.  He was generally called Col. Cameron the younger of Lochiel.  He acted as an officer upon the rebel march into England and back again.

JAMES BARCLAY - Donald Cameron of Lochiel: I knew him, but not before the rebellion.  I have seen him several times since at Edinburgh, and on the march, between November and January.  He was chief of his own clan, and in the march went always at their head, being always called Cameron of Lochiel.

Editor's Notes:  From "Historic Papers Relating To The Jacobite Period 1799-1740, Vol 2."  Edited by Colonel James Allardyce, L.L.D. printed by Milne & Hutchison, Aberdeen (1895) for The New Spalding Club.  Depositions were contributed by Mr. Murray Rose from MS documents and actual letters.