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Declaration of Lord Lyon's Office
(in regard to the Lochiel vs. Erracht dispute)

Donald Cameron of Lochiel Esquire, son and heir of Charles Cameron Esquire, who was lawful son and heir of Donald Cameron of Lochiel Esquire, the undoubted Representative and Chief of the antient (sic) family of Lochiel and Chief of the Clan Cameron, Bears Gules two Bars * or, Crest, a Sheaf of Five arrows proper, tied with a Band Gules, Motto Unite.  On a compartment below the Shield on which are these words Pro Rege et Patria are placed for Supporters Two Savages wreathed about the heads and middles with Oak Branches proper each holding in his exterior hand a Lochaber axe of the Last: Which Armorial Ensigns above blazoned We do hereby ratify confirm and assign to the said Donald Cameron Esquire, and the Heirs male of his body as their proper Arms and Bearings in all time coming.

And whereas in the Month of February 1792 Allan Cameron of Erracht, in consequence of a misrepresentation of Facts made to the late Keeper of the Lyon Records, now deceased, found means to obtain a Patent from this Office declaring that the Male representation of the above Family had devolved upon him and assigning to him the Arms of said Family in the Character of the Representative thereof, which Patent though signed and Unduly Impetrated from the said Keeper of The Records was not recorded in the Lyon Register, nor any Fees of Office paid for the same, the Misrepresentation above-mentioned having been previously discovered and the Registration and Receipt of Fees of Course immediately prohibited.

Notwithstanding whereof, and of a formal Intimation and requisition made to the said Allan Cameron on the subject, he, the said Allan Cameron does, as is alleged, still hold and make use of said Patent so improperly obtained as a Legal and Effectual Deed.

Therefore we do not only hereby declare the said Patent to have been, from the Beginning, Ineffectual, Void, and Null as having never been Recorded, but also, and Separately that the said Patent having been obtained upon Misinformation and Misrepresentation as above-mentioned and retained by the said Allan Cameron contrary to good Faith and without Authority from Us, is not and shall not be entitled to any Credit or Authority whatever in judgement or out of the same in all Time Coming, and we appoint this Declaration to be inserted in the Public Records of the Lyon Office along with the Present grant.  In Testimony of All which these presents are Subscribed by Robert Boswell Esquire, and the Great Seal of the Lyon Office Appended.

(Signed) RO. BOSWELL,


Editor's Note:  * In actuality, the Lochiel arms contain three gules bars, not two.  This was later corrected in the Lord Lyon's records.