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Ben Nevis
August 2001

Invitations were sent all over the land
To gather together a merry band.
"Come with us to climb the Ben -
Nevis that is ye merry men."

We met in the car park at eight -
a.m. that was and no-one was late.
The wind it did howl and the rain it did pour
But "The Camerons can do it" was said with a roar.

Lochiel's son came to wish us good cheer
This helped us set off without any fear.
With us there came 2 mountain rescue men
Just to make sure we got down from the Ben.

We set off quite gaily in mist so thick
At times we couldn't see our walking stick.
But were we downhearted? - not one whit.
We wanted to help Clanfolk do their bit.

We stopped for lunch halfway up
To be told it was only 1/4 way so please sup.
Our spirits revived, off we set
We did not mind that we were soaking wet.

We reached the top - not quite all together
Quite a feat considering the weather.
To celebrate we had a dram which gave us heat
Then we knew this Ben would not have us beat.

We got back down - not quite so sprightly
Realising that mountaineering could not be taken lightly
Having limped back to the car
Boy were we glad a hot bath was not far!

Editor's Note:  By an anonymous participant in the August 2, 2001 Clan Cameron Ben Nevis Ascent.