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To the Honourable Donald Cameron of Locheile
by John Drummond of Balhaldie
circa 1727

Tho' We in vain thro' dusty Records trace
The distant spring of Camerons antient Race
(Whether they it from Fergus' Heroes boast
Or Regall Stem of Cimbrias warlike Coast)
Yet att one view You in these Writes behold
What Still they are; and what they've been of old

See Mighty Donald when with awfull Sway
He forced the Neighbouring Chieftanes to obey,
With liberall bounty Courts the Camerons arms
And buys their friendship with his Sisters Charms!
Nor did the beauteous Marion scorn the Embrace
Which Once a Bride of Royall Kin did grace!
Still in her blood does Great McDonald Shine
Preser'd Untainted in the Cameron's line

See nixt this Loyall Valour to reward
How Scotian Kings Great Donald's bounty guard
By Royall Grants; And with a liberall hand
Ore various shires extend the Chiefs Command!
So great the powers these Royall Deeds Contain'd
That like Deputed Soveraigns they Reignd!
Their Native Loylty did their Faith secure
And Kings were happy in their Chieftanes pow'r

But Allan, Loe!  Black Donald's warlike Son,
By too much Bravery allmost is Undone:
Like a bold Lyon, with resistless paws,
His foes He oppresses, but provokes the Laws
The Royall gifts of Kings is torn away,
And On's Estate Rapacious Neighbours prey!
Till his Wise Son did Calm the Noble Heate
And gather'd up the Wracks of his Estate!
Then his Indulgent Prince Vouchsafed to Smile
Employ'd his Valour, and Renew'd his Toile

A Nobler Course did Great Ewen Runn
The Work he finish'd which his Sire begun!
Indue'd with force and Fortitude of Mind,
Superior to the Rest of Human Kind!
The Heroes Sword his Country's Cause did Claim
While foes to Virtue trembled att his Name!
Nay while Brittannia's Sons in Slavery groan'd
Succes and Triumph all his Actions Ground!

His generous Son, of his great Name possest,
Hugg'd every Virtue in his manly breast,
The Great Example does the Chief Inspire
And second onely to his God-like Sire!
Oh!  with what Raptures, Generous Youth, must you
The Glorys of your great Ancestours view!
As you the Heroes blood and Fortunes Share
So of their Virtues you're the Illustrious heir!
Oh!  then with Steady pace their footsteps trace
And add new Honours to the CAMERON Race

They, like the Sun, to western Seas declin'd
Left a bright tract of glory, still behind,
A tract which with refulgent beams does show
What ever your late posterity must doe
Ere they can reatch their height.  In them you'll find
Fortune is allways to the Heroe kind
See!  by these Writes; In what exalted Stile
Kings praise their Worth, and On their Actions smile!
While the applauding World, with loud Acclaims
Still Raise new trophys to their God:like Names

Oh!  may the praises to these Patriots due
Be all, Dear Youth, Accumulate to you,
That Kings and Subjects with United Voice
May in your Name and glorious Acts Rejoice

Editor's Notes:  The author's original spelling has been left intact.  This in itself is a mystery, since his work The Memoirs of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel is well written, in comparison.  This poem was included in Drummon's Lochiel Inventory.

The reference to "Mighty Donald" should not be confused with Donald "The Gentle Lochiel," the recipient of this poem.  This other Donald, who was said to "buy" the friendship of neighboring chiefs with his sisters charms, one of whom was named Marion, was in all probability Sir Donald MacDonald of Sleat.  Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel's first wife was Mary/Marion MacDonald.  The mention of "McDonald" blood seems to confirm this identification, but it is a mystery why Drummond mentions this union, since it produced no children - Mary/Marion passing away within the first decade of their union.