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List of Subscribers to
"History of the Camerons," by Alexander Mackenzie

Aitkin, Dr., District Asylum, Inverness

Allan, William, Esq., Scotland House, Sunderland

Bain, Donald, Esq., Inverness

Bell, A.R., Esq., bookseller, Inverness

Brown, Neil, Esq., merchant, Greenock

Buccleuch, His Grace the Duke of (Large Paper Copy)

Burgess, J.W. Cameron, Esq., Inverness

Bute, The Most Noble The Marquis of (Large Paper Copy)

Cameron, A Canadian (100 copies)

Cameron, A.H.F., Esq., M.D., Liverpool (2 Copies)

Cameron, Alexander, Esq., Ballater, Aberdeen

Cameron, Alexander, Esq., Highfield, Elgin

Cameron, Allan Gordon, Esq., Tunbridge Wells (2 Copies, 1 Large Paper)

Cameron, D., Esq., St. Peters, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Cameron, D.A., Esq., Achnacarry House, Nairn

Cameron, D.A., Esq., Nokomai, New Zealand

Cameron, D.E.C., Esq., Banker, Lucknow, Ontario

Cameron, Donald, Esq., of Lochiel (2 Copies, 1 Large Paper)

Cameron, Donald, Esq., of Barcaldine, Queensland

Cameron, Donald Charles, Esq., Cuchullin Lodge, Inverness

Cameron, Dr. Charles II. H., Harlesden, London

Cameron, Dr. J.A., Bawtry, Yorkshire

Cameron, Dugald, Esq., Calton, Glasgow (1 Copy, 1 Large Paper)

Cameron, D.M., Esq., merchant, Inverness

Cameron, Ewen, Esq., C.I.R.I.C., Ballina, Ireland (16 Copies, 2 Large Paper)

Cameron, Ewen, Esq., 105 George Street, Edinburgh

Cameron, Ewen, Esq., National Bank, Fort-William

Cameron, Ewen Somerled, Esq., of Barcaldine (5 Copies, 1 Large Paper)

Cameron, Geo. Fenton, Esq., M.D., London

Cameron, II. St. George De Halberg, Esq., Provincial Bank of Ireland

Cameron, J., Esq., St. Andrews, Fife

Cameron, J., Esq., Shieldaig, Lochcarron

Cameron, J.A., Esq., War correspondent of the Standard

Cameron, J. Macdonald, Lime Street, London

Cameron, James, Esq., merchant, Inverness

Cameron, John, Esq., Royal Academy, Inverness

Cameron, John, Esq., Mitchell, Queensland

Cameron, John, Esq., Ex-Provost of Kirkintilloch

Cameron, John, Esq., S.S.C., Edinburgh

Cameron, John Alex. Staples, Esq., Napa, Canada

Cameron, Miss Isabel Macdonald, Scarborough

Cameron, Miss Emily, Innseagan, Fort-William

Cameron, Mrs., of Barcaldine (2 Copies, 1 Large Paper)

Cameron, Neil R., Esq. (of Messrs. D. Cameron & Co.), Inverness

Cameron, Nicol, Esq., Gowanbrae, Pollokshaws

Cameron, P.H., Esq., S.S.C., Burntisland

Cameron, Patrick, Esq. (Corrychoille), Edinburgh

Cameron, Ralph A., Esq., Blackheath, London

Cameron, Rev. Alex., Brodick, Arran

Cameron, Rev. Geo. T., Heckington Vicarage, Lincolnshire (2 Copies)

Cameron, Rev. John, Dornoch

Cameron, Richard Standish Le Bagge, Esq., Batavia, Java

Cameron, Robert, Esq., Parkhead Chemical Works, Glasgow

Cameron, Robert F., Esq., C.A., Inverness

Cameron, Russell Bedford Colclough, Esq., Sourabaya, Java

Cameron, Sir Roderick W., New York (20 Copies, 5 Large Paper)

Cameron, Wm., Esq., Uppertown, Glenurquhart

Cameron, Wm. Justin Beauchamp, Esq., of Uanda, Queensland

Campbell, Geo. J., Esq., solicitor, Inverness

Campbell, J.L., Esq., Broughty-Ferry

Campbell, Mrs. C. Cameron, of Monzie and Inverawe (2 Copies, 1 Large Paper)

Carey, John James, Esq., Rock Bank East, Brixham

Carruthers, Robert, Esq., of the Inverness Courier

Chisholm, Colin, Esq., Namur Cottage, Inverness

Clarke, James, Esq., solicitor, Inverness

Corbet, A. Cameron, Esq., Moxhull Hall, Warwickshire

Corbet, H.G. Cameron, Esq., Clapton Park, London (Large Paper Copy)

Cran, John, Esq., F.S.A. Scot, Kirkton, Bunchrew

Davidson, John, Esq., merchant, Inverness

Douglas & Foulis, Messrs., booksellers, Edinburgh (2 Copies)

Elderton de Coigny, Mrs., Peterburg, Innellan

Forbes, Duncan, Esq., of Culloden

Fraser, James, Esq., C.E., Inverness

Fraser, John, Esq., bookseller, Nairn (2 Copies)

Fraser-Mackintosh, C., Esq., M.P., of Lochardill, Inverness (Large Paper Copy)

Fraser, William, Esq., LL.D., Deputy-keeper of the Records, Edinburgh

Grant, P., Esq., banker, Fortrose

Grant, Patrick, Esq. (of Glenmoriston), London

Grant, Mrs. Patrick (late of Ballifeary), Farnborough, Kent

Kerr, John, Esq., leather merchant, Inverness

Laird, James, Esq., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Lovat, The Right Hon. Lord, Beaufort Castle (Large Paper Copy)

Malcolm, Geo., Esq., Craigard, Invergarry

Melven, James, Esq., bookseller, Inverness (6 Copies)

Mitchell Library, Glasgow

Macandrew, Provost, Midmills, Inverness

MacBain, Alex., Esq., M.A., F.S.A. Scot., Raining's School, Inverness

MacBean, W. Charles, Esq., solicitor, Inverness

MacCallum, John, Esq., of Millburn, Inverness

Macdonald, Alex., Esq., timber merchant, Beauly

Macdonald, Andrew, Esq., solicitor, Inverness (Large Paper Copy)

Macdonald, Angus, Esq., St. Ignatius Mission, U.S.A.

Macdonald, Ewen, Esq., water manager, Inverness

Macdonald, Harry, Esq., Portree

Macdonald, John, Esq., The Exchange, Inverness

Macdonald, John Cameron, Esq., manager of the Times, London

Macdonald, Kenneth, Esq., F.S.A. Scot., Town Clerk, Inverness (Large Paper Copy)

Macdonald, Lachlan, Esq., of Skaebost (Large Paper Copy)

Macdonald, Lieutenant-General W.C.R., C.B., Pall Mall, London

Mackay, Councillor D.J., Inverness

Mackay, John, Esq., C.E., Hereford

Mackay, William, Esq., solicitor, Inverness

Mackenzie, A.C., Esq., Maryburgh

Mackenzie, D.H., Esq., Auckland, New Zealand

Mackenzie, Dr. F. M., Inverness

Mackenzie, Dr. J., Government House, Madras

Mackenzie, Gordon, Esq., Civil Service, India

Mackenzie, John A., Esq., Burgh Surveyor, Inverness

Mackenzie, John Whitefoord, Esq., W.S. (of Lochwards), Edinburgh

Mackenzie, Major Colin, F.S.A. Scot., Pall Mall, London

Mackenzie, N.B., Esq., banker, Fort-William (Large Paper Copy)

Mackenzie, Master Hector Rose, Park House, Inverness

Mackenzie, Roderick, Esq., Aynott Villa, Wandsworth, London

Mackenzie, Wm., Esq., merchant, Inverness

Mackenzie, Wm., Esq., Clarence Villa, Inverness

Mackintosh, Hugh, Esq. (of Messrs. Mactavish & Mackintosh), Inverness

MacLachlan & Stewart, Messrs., Edinburgh (2 Copies)

MacLeish, James, Esp., Mill Street, Perth

MacLeod, Roderick, Esq., Lonsdale Terrace, Edinburgh

MacNair, David, Esq., Batavia, Java

Macnee, Dr. James, Inverness

Macpherson, Colonel Cluny, of Cluny, C.B. (Large Paper Copy)

Macpherson, Hugh, Esq. (of Messrs. Bethune & Macpherson), Inverness

Mactavish, Alex., Esq. (of Messrs. Mactavish & Mackintosh), Inverness

Milne, Messrs. A. & R., booksellers, Aberdeen (2 Copies)

Munro, Councillor David, Inverness

Napier & Ettrick, Right Hon. Lord, K.T., Thirlestane, Selkirk

Norman, Chas. Loyd, Esq., Oakley, Bromley, Kent

Paton, Sir Noel, R.S.A., LL. D., Her Majesty's Limner for Scotland

Reid, Donald, Esq., solicitor, Inverness

Rose, Mrs., Thistleton House, Stoke Newington, London

Ross, Alex., Esq., Alness

Ross, Councillor Alex., Inverness

Ross, James, Esq., Balbair, Edderton (2 Large Paper Copies)

Ross, James, Esq., solicitor, Inverness

Ross, Jonathan, Esq., Town Treasurer, Inverness

Scott, Roderick, Esq., solicitor, Inverness

Shaw, Sheriff, Thornhill, Inverness

Sim, Henry A., Esq., Inverness

Simpson, ex-Provost, Inverness

Sinton, Rev. Thos., The Manse, Invergarry

Smart, P.H., Esq., drawing-master, Inverness

Smith, J. Turnbull, Esq., C.A., Edinburgh

Smith & Son, Messrs. John, booksellers, Glasgow (2 Copies, 1 Large Paper)

Stevens, B.F., Esq., bookseller, Trafalgar Square, London

Steuart, James, Esq., Dalkeith Park, Dalkeith

Stewart, A.G., Esq., merchant, Inverness

Stodart, R.R., Esq., Lyon Office, Edinburgh

Stuart, Councillor W.G., Inverness

Sutherland, Evan C., Esq., of Skibo

Taylor, The Rev. Duncan, The Manse, Avondale

Taylor, Mrs. John, Greenhill Gardens, Edinburgh

Taylor, Professor Campbell, Greenhill Park, Edinburgh

Taylor, Rev. Neil, F.C. Manse, Dornoch

Thin, James, Esq., bookseller, Edinburgh (2 Copies)

Trail, Wm. R., Esq., S.S.C., Edinburgh

Tweedsmouth, The Right Hon. Lord (Large Paper Copy)

University Library, Aberdeen

Whyte, John, librarian, Inverness

Wilson, John, bookseller, King William Street, London (Large Paper Copy)

Wodehouse, Rev. Constantine G., Mongewell Rectory, Wallingford

Editor's Notes:  In Mackenzie's book, beginning immediately after the author's preface and contents pages are pages numbered ix-xii, which contain this listing of subscribers.  This much overlooked section of the book gives a fascinating idea as to whom was interested in the Clan Cameron at that time (a veritable "Who's Who" of Camerons) and in some instances what that interest was.  There are notable Camerons, including Lochiel and representatives of other cadet branches of the clan mentioned, but there are also a broad range of others, including varied nobility, booksellers, merchants, libraries and supporters from other clans, represented by their respective leaders.  By this time Mackenzie already had established a dedicated following of readers, due to his being the editor of "Celtic Magazine" and the author of at least seven significant works, including "The History of the Highland Clearances."

A full one hundred copies of this book were shipped to a Cameron in Canada (unfortunately only identified as "A Canadian Cameron") which was by far the largest single order.  It has been loosely theorized that this may have been Sir Roderick William Cameron, the Ontario native who achieved fame as a shipping merchant and co-founder of the New York State 79th Regiment, the Cameron Highlanders, in the U.S. Civil War.  While Sir Roderick did remain a faithful British subject during his lifetime, he had primarily relocated to New York City long before 1884.  In 1883, just one year prior to the publication of this book, he had been knighted for his services to the Crown.

If this list is indicative of the total number of books printed, there would only be 330 in existence.  It is believed, however, that Mackenzie must have had a run of at least 400-500, to meet future demand.  One name noticeably absent from the list of subscribers is Mrs. Mary Cameron MacKellar, the famed bardess.   Since Mackenzie thanked only two individuals by name in his preface, Mrs. MacKellar and Rev. Archibald Clerk, LL.D., of Kilmallie (both not listed as subscribers) it must be surmised that they and perhaps some others were gifted with complimentary copies.  This in itself supports the theory of a larger print run than the subscriber listing indicates.