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Clan Cameron Association Pamphlet



Honorary Secretary - ARCHIBALD CAMERON

AMONG the Clan Associations, that of the Camerons possesses a long, worthy and stirring history, and in course of recent years it has been evident that the old spirit of loyalty to Crown, Chief and Country is stronger than ever.

    Coming to our own day, it is gratifying and cheering to know that our Clan meetings and gatherings are being more and more appreciated and supported. Still, we would like to see a larger enrolment from the homeland and from over-seas. Cameron men are wanted, and so are their lady friends and relations - - all of Clan blood or connection. The name, fame, and history of a noble Clan should live for ever.

    The Membership consists of five classes, viz. : - Gentlemen Honorary Life Members, contributing a single payment of not less than £5 5s.; Gentlemen Life Members, contributing a single payment of not less than £3 3s.; Lady Honorary Life Members, contributing a single payment of not less than £1 1s.; and Ordinary Members paying an annual subscription of 2s. 6d.

    Ladies or Gentlemen desirous of enrolling as Members may do so by communicating with the Hon. Secretary.

    It gives me great pleasure to bring to the notice of all members and intending members, that on becoming life members they obtain a life membership certificate, this certificate being a work of art by Sir D. Y. Cameron, R.A., the world-renowned artist.

    NOTE.-- Annual Report and work of the Association is sent yearly to all members abroad.

    Clan Cameron booklet can be had on application from Hon. Secretary.




25th Chief of the Clan Cameron


Specimen page of Clan Cameron Booklet

Last to Die for Charlie


VERY Highland boy (and girl) rightly considers that the clan to which he or she belongs is the most honoured and holds the most honours in the land. This is as it should be, yet even those most jealous to uphold the credit of their name cannot fail to give praise to the Clan Cameron.

    Throughout the long centuries of inter-racial war this clan has been renowned for bravery and for kindly treatment to its vanquished foes.

    The saddest end of all the Camerons was that of Archibald, the younger brother of Lochiel. Dr, Archie, he was called, the beloved physician of Lochaber. After Culloden was fought and lost Archibald Cameron, who acted as a surgeon on the moor that day attending to friend and foe impartially as eye-witnesses afterwards testified, escaped to France.

    He returned to Scotland years afterwards, and the Royalist troops searched for him in the woods of Inversnaid. The children of the district, to whom Dr. Archie was a hero, warned the hunted man by imitating bird calls when the soldiers drew near his hiding-place.

    One child, a lame boy, was questioned, and though threatened with death refused to tell where the doctor was hiding. His apprehensive glances towards a hut in the woods conveyed the intelligence his tongue refused to tell. Dr. Archie was captured, conveyed to London. There he was tortured and put to death ten years after the rising of '45.

    The cruel fate of this brave Cameron so roused the generous anger of the English people that the Government never again dared to hang another Jacobite.



Office-Bearers for Year 1931




LOCHIEL, Achnacarry, Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire.



Colonel CYRIL ST. CLAIR CAMERON, C.B., A.A.G., Fordon, Tasmania.

Captain ALEXANDER D. CAMERON, M.B.E., Bailie Nicol Jarvie Hotel, Aberfoyle.

Sir D.Y. CAMERON, R.A., LL.D., Dun Eaglais, Kippen, Stirlingshire.

Sir EDWARD JOHN CAMERON, K.C.M.G., Government House, Bathurst, West Gambia.

Brigadier-General N.J.G. CAMERON, C.M.G., Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, 3 Lansdowne Crescent, Edinburgh.

Captain DONALD CAMERON-SWAN, Strathmore, Kalk Bay, Cape Province, South Africa.

Major-General ARCH. RICE CAMERCN, C.B., C.M.G., Abbey House, Colchester.

Rear-Admiral JOHN EWEN CAMERON C.B., M.V.O., Admiralty House, Rosyth.

JAMES CAMERON, Athol, 20 Comrie Road, Cardonald, Glasgow.


Hon. Presidents

Hon. DAVID RUSSELL CAMERON, The Downes, Bideford, North Devon.

JOHN CAMERON, J.P., Norwood, Lenzie.

P. CAMERON, 176 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.

ARCHIBALD CAMERON, 26 Queensborough Gardens, Hyndland, Glasgow.


Hon. Vice-Presidents

JAMES CAMERON, Coulnakyle, Nethy Bridge, Inverness.

CHARLES CHRISTOPHER CAMERON, J.P., Coolibah, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

WILLIAM A. CAMERON, 83 Ashkirk Drive, Mosspark, Glasgow.

ROBERT CAMERON, 36 Roseberry Street, Aberdeen.

Major JOHN CAMERON, O.B.E., 12 Colebrooke St., Hillhead, Glasgow.



JOHN CAMERON, LL.B., 136 Wellington Street, Glasgow.


THOMAS PURVIS CAMERON, Craigievar, Lenzie.

WILLIAM LESLIE CAMERON, 40 Randolph Gardens, Glasgow.

ALEXANDER CAMERON, Braehead, Dunblane.

DUNCAN HAYWOOD CAMERON, 815 Alameda Boulevards, Coronado, California.



William Cameron, 134 Gordon Street, Glasgow.


Archibald Cameron, 26 Queensborough Gardens, Hyndland, Glasgow.

John Cameron, 136 Wellington Street, Glasgow.



Neil Cameron, 37 Wallacegrove Place, Glasgow.

Donald Cameron, 264 Buchanan Street, Glasgow.


Hon. Secretary

Archibald Cameron, 14 Somerville Drive, Mount Florida, Glasgow, S.2.

Hon. Treasurer

Alexander Lochiel Cameron, 41 Apsley Place, Glasgow. S.S.

Editor's Note:  The original 4-page document, from which this re-creation was based, was obtained from the Archives of Ontario's Trent University (Cameron Family 86-004 TITLE Cameron family fonds.)