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Letter to Donald, XIX Chief of Clan Cameron
from the Chevalier (King James III of England/VII of Scotland, in exile)
April 11, 1727

I am glad of this occasion to lett you know how well pleased I am to hear of the care you take to follow your father's and uncle's example in their loyalty to me and I dout not of your endeavours to maintain the same spirit in the Clan.  Allen is now with me and I am allwayes glad to have some of my brave highlanders about me, whom I value, as they deserve.  You will deliver the enclosed to its adress, & doubt not of my particular regard for you which I am persuaded you will alwayes deserve.

James R.

You'l tell Mr Maclachlane that I am very sensible of his zeal for my service.

Editor's Notes:  This interesting letter, with its original spelling left intact, was taken from vol. XXI of the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness.  That publication in turn took it from Brown's "History of the Highlands" (vol. II, p. 438) which found the original in Cluny Macpherson's (of 1745 fame) Charter Chest.  

This letter was sent to the young man whom would one day be called the "Gentle Lochiel," but at the time was still technically "Younger of Lochiel" (for his father, John Cameron, XVIII Chief was in exile, in France.)  It is of particular note to observe that this letter was addressed to "Mr Johnstone, Junior," which was the code name for the Gentle Lochiel.

It appears that this letter survived only in Cluny's Charter Chest, for most of Lochiel's papers were destroyed in 1746.  The Allen which the Chevalier mentions was the Gentle Lochiel's uncle, Allen Cameron, whom was instrumental in Jacobite activities.  As for the mission, of delivering "the enclosed," that remains a mystery.  What is does demonstrate is that the Gentle Lochiel was actively involved in the Jacobite cause as early as 1727, nearly twenty years prior to the 1745 Rebellion.