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"Scheme for Civilizing the Clan Cameron"
a letter from Donald Campbell of Airds to the Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland
October 3, 1746

Edinburgh - October 3, 1746

To distress the Clan Cameron and oblidge them to a Complyance with the present Laws against carrying of Arms, and wearing of Highland Cloathes, a Military force will be necessary.

For this purpose, and apprehending such Rebell Gentlemen as are lurking in Lochels Country, and preventing their making Depredations on their Neighbours who are Loyal Subjects, it is judged 430 men will be necessary, and to be stationed as follows:
100 at Strontian - accommodation (exists) for 200.
70 Head of Locheyll - but indifferent Quarters. Distant from Strontian 9 miles.
100 Head of Locherkaig - requires a Strong Party as Bordering on Knoydart and the McDonalds Country - bad accommodation.  Distant from the head of Locheyll 6 miles.
50 Locheyls House at Achnacarry.  Distant from head of Locherkaig 12 miles.
50 Highbridge - indifferent accommodation.  Distant from Achnacarry 4 miles.
60 Kinlochbeg and Achtrichedan in Glencoe. Tolerable accommodation.  Distant from Highbridge 12 miles.

The above scheme given in by Donald Campbell of Airds to the Right Hon. the Earl of Albemarl, and the Right Hon. the Lord Justice Clerk.

[Signed] Donald Campbell

Editor's Notes:  From the National Library of Scotland: 17527/97.  The Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland, at this time, was Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun.  Mr. Campbell's original spelling has been left intact.