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Letters to the Paymaster of the Jacobite Army, Laurence Oliphant of Gask
Regarding Lochiel's Regiment
December 28-30, 1745

December 28, 1745
From Lt. Colonel Ludovick Cameron, Lochiel Regiment

28 December 1745


as I understand it, sum of the Regiment have deserted on the way betwixt Perth and this place, as McLachlane no doubt has informed you of.  Wherefore as it is impossible for me to go your lenth, sends the bearere for the pay in terms of Laird of M'Lachlane lists as he had it from the officers in my absence, and whotomever receipt he gives you for ye pay, shall be akowledged by,

Sir, your most humble serv.,

(Signed) L. Cameron

P.S. I beg you will pleas order whot is wanting of shous, which is about ane hundred pair, for the men cannot do deuty without them.

30 December 1745

I, John Cameron, paymaster to Collnel Cameron have received from Laurence Oliphant of Gask the sume of ninetie three pounds sixteen sh. ster. moy., as seven days pay of Collonel Ludovick Camerons Regiment from Monday the thirteenth december inclusive, till Monday the sixth of january 1746.

(Signed) John Cameron

Editor's Notes:  From the National Library of Scotland: 82.4.1/71.

Generally, the weekly pay of the other Regiments was: Chief/Colonel - 1.1.0 (though Ludovick Cameron paid himself 2) Captain - 0.17.6, Lieutenants - 0.14.0, Ensigns - 0.10.6, Sergeants - 0.5.3, Privates - 0.3.6.  Therefore, the Lochiel Regiment at this time could not have numbered more than about 300 to 350 men.

Mr. Oliphant was situated in Perth, as evidenced by the location stated in the December 30th letter.