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Letter of Recommendation/Protection for Ewen Cameron
addressed to the Laird of Col[l]
by various Cameron Chieftains
March 11, 1737

Dear Sir,

The long-standing tract of firm affectionate friendship 'twixt your worthy predecessors and ours affords us such assurance, as that we may have full relyance on your favour and undoubted friendship, in recommending the bearer, Ewen Cameron, our cousin, son to the deceast Dugall M'Connill of Innermaillie, sometime in Glenpean, to your favour and conduct, who is a man of undoubted honesty and discretion, only that he had the misfortune of being alledged to have been accessory to the killing of one of M'Martin's family about fourteen years ago, upon which alledgeance the M'Martins are now so sanguine on revenging, that they are fully resolved for the deprivation of his life; to the preventing of which you are relyed on by us, as the only fit instrument, and a most capable person.  Therefore your favour and protection is expected and intreated, during his good behaviour; and failing of which behaviour, you'll please to use him as a most insignificant person deserves.

Sir, he had, upon the alledgeance aforesaid, been transported, at Lochiel's desire, to France, to gratify the M'Martins, and upon his return home, about five years ago, married: But now he is so much threatened by the M'Martins, that he is not secure enough to stay where he is, being Ardmurchan, which occasions this trouble to you.  Wishing prosperity and happiness to attend still yourself, worthy Lady, and good family, we are, in the most affectionate manner, Dear sir,

Your most obliged, affectionate,
and most humble servants,

Dugall Cameron, of Strone.
Dugall Cameron, of Barr.
Dugall Cameron, of Inverishvouilline.
Dugall Cameron, of Invinvalie.

Editor's NotesIn addition to this MacMartin (Cameron of Letterfinlay) vs. MacGillonie (Cameron of Stone) feud, these families were also occasionally in dispute with the Lochaber MacMillans (of Murlaggan and Caillich.)   Many generations of Lochiels had to intercede as Chief/Parent and referee such incidents - occasionally with dire consequences.

The MacGillonies are said to have been well acquainted with the Macleans of Coll, back in the earliest years of Clan Cameron.  Some historians (though not all) believe that in 1474 they sided with the Colls in a land dispute against Donald Dubh Cameron, XI Chief of Clan Cameron (at that time styled "Captain of Clan Cameron.)  The Macleans, supposedly with the MacGillonies at their side, suffered a defeat at the Battle of Corpach against the Camerons.  It is related that in due time all was forgiven, with the MacGillonies becoming followers of the Captain of Clan Cameron.  In later years the Camerons of Glendessary and Dungallon were especially close with the Macleans of Coll, with many of their daughters marrying into this family.

This letter was discovered on October 8, 1753 by the famed James Boswell, in his tour of the Hebrides Islands with Dr. Johnson.  He preserved it in his publication: "Boswell's Tour to the Hebrides," which is also known under the title "Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides."