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Letter from Donald "The Gentle Lochiel," Cameron, XIX Chief of Clan Cameron
to Cluny MacPherson
(regarding the Siege of Fort William and Campbell atocities)
March 20, 1746


My dear Cousine, - I received your most agreeable letter late last night.  I cannot express the satisfaction Itt gave all here - the scheme contrived for surprising these different commands of the enemy was very well concerted, and as well executed.  I give Lord George and you joy on your success & I doubt not but itt will be attended with very good consequences for his Royal Highness's Service, as it will strike a pannick in our enemy & encourage our friends - but what gives me joy in a particular manner is the fate of the Campbells the plunderers of our countries.  I hope Lord George will order them to be strictly guarded. We have shewed too much lenity already to those villains who have been contriving our destruction.  As a proof of their hellish design (autherized by their darling Cumberland which I have discovered by a letter from the Sherrif of Argyle to the Governor of Fort-William, intercepted by one of my men) a party of Campbells took the opportunity while the country of Morvine was destitute of men, to burn all the farms upon the coast of it that were enhabited by either Camerons or Mcleans - first plundered the houses, strip't the poor women & children, killed all the horses that came in their way and even set fire to their byres without allowing them to turn out their cattle, such barbarity was never heard of.  There are three hundred and fifty of the Campbells at Fort-William - two men of war - they are dayly attempting by their party to land at Corpach, and other farms in Lochiel, to burn and carry of Cattel, but prevented by our guards who have killed some of them, and we expect by tomorrow night to begin cannonading & bombarding of the Fort & hope soon to be masters of it - cost what it will; Pray make my sincere compliments to Lord George.  I flatter myself I shall soon date a letter to His Lordship from Fort-William.

All the gentlemen here make their compliments to His Lordship and you, and to all our other friends with you.  - I am my dear Evn yours while.

Donald Cameron

Editor's NotesFrom the Cluny Charter Chest, as published in vol. XXI of the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness.  This letter was penned at "Glenevese" (Glen Nevis - or Cameron of Glen Nevis' residence to be exact, which was the base of operations for the siege.)  For additional material on this specific topic, also see: Letter to Prince Charles Edward Stuart, by Donald "The Gentle Lochiel," XIX Chief of Clan Cameron & MacDonald of Keppoch (regarding Campbell atrocities in Lochaber) and Reports on the Siege of Fort William.