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Excerpt from the Diary of Lord Malmesbury
(regarding the story of the Loch Arkaig monster)
October 3, 1857

October 3rd.  This morning my stalker and his boy gave me an account of a mysterious creature, which they say exists in Loch Arkaig, and which they call the lake-horse.  It is the same animal of which one has occasionally read accounts in the newspapers of having been seen in Highland lochs, and on the existence of which in Loch Assynt the late Lord Ellesmere wrote an interesting article, but the story has always been looked upon as fabulous.  I am now, however, persuaded of its truth.

My stalker, John Stuart, at Achnacarry, has seen it twice, and both times at sunrise in summer on a bright sunny day, when there was no ripple on the water.  The creature was basking on the surface.  He saw only the head and hind quarters, proving its back was hollow, which is not the shape of any fish or seal.

Its head resembled that of a horse.  It was also seen once by his three little children, who were walking together along the beach.  It was then motionless, about 30 yards from the shore, and apparently asleep, and at first they took it for a rock, but when they got near it, it moved its head, and they were so frightened that they ran home, arriving in a state of greatest terror.  There was no mistaking their manner when they related this story, and they offered to make an affidavit before the magistrate.

Editor's Notes:  An English politician, Lord Malmesbury reportedly leased a portion of Achnacarry for fifteen years.  His reports of its beauty even reached Queen Victoria.