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An annotation from Topographical Notices of Scotland
by Timothy Pont

in the beginning of August, the people of the cowntrey wer a building a bridge upon the river Airkaig, at the end of the work they report they saw ane infinit number of adders swymming upon the water, a litle above the bridge, leaping theron, wherof many landing creepd away throch the grass and hather, to the terrowr of the beholders.

Editor's Notes:  This annotation, dated 1620, was added to Pont's topographical notices after its initial completion.  Also see the original excerpt from this same work, relating to Lochaber and the Clan Cameron, circa 1610.

This strange story seems to either point toward a group of otters or some sort of eels (depending on how the word "adder" is translated) which resided in the River Arkaig near Achnacarry.  It is doubtful that this tale relates to the legendary Loch Arkaig Monster(s).