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Rise, Rise (Lowland and Highland Men)
by James Hogg and Iain McCalman
circa 1819


Rise! Rise! Lowland and Highland men,
Bald sire and beardless son,
each one and early.
Rise! Rise! mainland and island men,
Belt on your broadswords
and fight for Prince Charlie!

Down from the mountain steep,
Up from the valley deep,
Out from clachan, the bothy and shieling;
Bugle and battle drum,
Bid chief and vassal come,
Loudly on bagpipes the pibroch are pealing.

Men o' the mountains!
Descendants o' heroes!
Heirs of the fame
and the hill of your fathers-
Say, shall the southron sassenach not fear us,
when fierce to the war-peal,
each plaided clan gathers?
Long on the trophied walls
Of our ancestral halls
Rust hath been blunting
the armour of Alban.
Sieze then, ye mountain Macs,
Buckler and battle axe,
Lads of Lochaber, Braemar, and Breadalbane.

When hath the tartan plaid mantled a coward?
When hath the bonnet blue crest the disloyal?
Up, then and crowd to the standard of Stewart!
Follow your hero, the rightful, the royal.
Come Chief of Clanronald,
and gallant Macdonald,
Come Lovat, Lochiel, with the Grant
and the Gordon!
Rouse every kilted clan,
Rouse every loyal man,
Musket on shoulder ,
and thigh the broadsword on!

Editor's NotesThe music was written by Iain McCalman, of the McCalmans.  The author, James Hogg (1770-1835) "The Mountain Bard" - was born in Ettrick Forest.  He spent his early days as a shepherd and was discovered by Sir Walter Scott while collecting material for his "Border Minstrelsy."  James was taken under Scott's wing, and although he had almost no formal education he soon achieved great fame on his own.