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Letter to the Glasgow Herald
(regarding recruitment for the Cameron Highlanders)  
by Sir Donald Walter Cameron of Lochiel, K.T., XXV Chief of Clan Cameron
August 26, 1914

Dear Sir,

I have been commissioned by the King to raise a new battalion of the Cameron Highlanders for Lord Kitchener's army for service during the present war.  This new battalion will have as a nucleus a selected detachment of my own men from the 3rd Battalion, and will be composed, so far as possible, exclusively of Highlanders.

The term of service is for the duration of the War, with a maximum engagement of three years.  The battalion will be commanded by myself, and officered by representatives of the leading Clans in Inverness-shire, and when fully trained will go out as a complete unit, forming part of the Highland Brigade.  I want to raise a thousand Highlanders for my battalion, and I have no doubt I shall have little difficulty in so doing; but, having regard to the fact that Highlanders are now scattered all over the face of the earth, I must especially appeal to the officials and committee of the different Highland county and clan societies in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and elsewhere to assist me in my endeavors by becoming my recruiting agents.

Any young man of Highland birth or parentage, of good physique and having good teeth, between the ages of 19 and 30, who wishes to serve under me in the defence of his country and for the rights of liberty against military oppression should apply to the nearest recruiting office or Post Office for a warrant to Inverness.  I give my personal guarentee that at the end of the war the battalion will be brought back to Inverness, where it will be disbanded with all convenient dispatch.

Companies and Platoons will be organised according to local districts, so that men from each district of the Highlands will always be kept together in their own section, platoon, or company.

In view of the fact that I am expecting Highlanders from all parts of the globe to flock once again to the untarnished standard of the Camerons, all eligble young men should take the earliest opportunity of coming forward to enlist.  Highlanders who are over 30 can assist by helping me to recruit, and should put themselves in touch with Lieutenant-Colonel Gunn, The Castle, Edinburgh, as soon as possible.

I hope you will assist me by publishing this letter in your valuable columns.  - I am etc.

D.W. Cameron of Lochiel