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Clan Chattan Bond
November 19, 1664

Wee undersubscryvand Gentlemen of the name of Clanchattan in obedience to his Majestie's authority and letters of Concurrence granted be the Lords of his Maties privie counsell in favours of Lauchlane Mackintoishe of Torcastle (our Chieffe) against Evan Cameron of Lochzeild and certain others of the name Clanchameron and for the love and favour wee bear to the said Lauchlan, Doe heirby faithfully permitt and ingadge ourselves (everie one of us for himself and those under his power) in cais the premention at Evan Cameron of Lochzeild (and thos of his kin now rebels) doe not agree with the said Lauchlane anent the present differs and contraversies befor the third day of February nixt to cum.  That then and in that caise immediatlie thairafter upon the said Lauchlan his call shall rise with, fortifie, concurr, and assist the said Lauchlane in the prosecution of the commission granted against the said Evan to the uttermost of our power with all those of our respive friends, followers, and dependats whom we may stopp or lett or will in any way be compelled and advysed beis to that effect.  And heir to we faithfully ingadge ourselves upon our reputations and credits and the faith and trust in our bodies by these subscrybed at Kincairne the nynteint day of November and yeir of God jai vic sextie and four years.

John McPherson of Brin
Thomas McConchy Roy
J. McPherson of Invereshie
John T. McPherson
A. Mackintosh, Dalnacrask
William Mackintosh, Kelachie
James Mackintosh, Strone
Lachlan Mackintosh, Aberarder
John Mackintosh, Dalmigavic
W. Mackintosh
Farquhar Macgillivray, Dunmaglass
Donald Macgillivray, tutor of Dunmaglass
William Macgillivray, Largs
Paul McBean, Faillie
A. McBean
Robert Shaw, Tordarroch
John Shaw, Dell
William Farquarson, Inverey
Charles Farquarson, Monaltrie
James Farquarson yr., Whitehouse
George Farquarson
Angus McQueen, Corribrough

Editor's Notes An interesting piece of Clan Chattan history, under the leadership of MacKintosh.  This bond, like many similar documents, was not successful in calming the ongoing Cameron-Mackintosh feud.  Their differences would finally be settled the following year, following the famous Standoff at the Fords of Arkaig.