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By Spean Bridge
by Barbara McPhail

By Spean Bridge a piper plays
A lament for the grief of ancient wrongs,
In this wonderful land of memories
Where Deidre lived and sang her songs,

Where the deer and the eagle have their home
And the skylarks singing overhead,
The shining lochs and the tumbling burns,
By Spean Bridge he remembers the dead.

He wears the kilt of the Cameron Clan,
Fierce and proud in Lochaber lands,
Ancestral home of the great Lochiel,
And above on a hill a memorial stands –

It honours the memory of those who have gone.
For freedom and justice so many have died
For king and country they gave their lives,
And the piper plays with sorrow and pride.

By Spean Bridge a piper plays
O dauntless heroes of long ago
Who fought for their land and fought for the right
Against all odds, come weal or woe –

Sir Ewen, Doctor Archie, “the Gentle Lochiel”,
Great fighters, great leaders, great chiefs of the past,
And all those fine ones of the Cameron Clan
They have left us a spirit that ever will last.  

Editor's Notes:  This poem by Ms. McPhail, of Wanganui, New Zealand shared top honours for the 2003 Cameron Prize for Best Original Poem.