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An excerpt from Select Works of Tobias Smollett
circa 1766

Mr. Cameron of Lochiel, the chief of that clan, whose father was attainted for having been concerned in the last rebellion, returning from France, in obedience to a proclamation and act of parliament passed at the beginning of the late war, paid a visit to his own country, and hired a farm in the neighbourhood of his father's house, which had been burnt to the ground.  The clan, though ruined and scattered, no sooner heard of his arrival, than they flocked to him in from all quarters, to welcome his return, and in a few days stocked his farm with seven hundred black cattle, which they had saved in the general wreck of their affairs: but their beloved chief, who was a promising youth, did not live to enjoy the fruits of their fidelity and attachment.

Editor's Notes:  The "Select Works of Tobias Smollett," which included a memoir of Mr. Smollett's life and writings by Sir Walter Scott, was published in 1851.  A well traveled and written gentleman the 18th century novelist Tobias George Smollett (1721-1771) was born at Dalquharn House on the family estate of Bonhill in the Vale of Leven, near the village of Renton (Dumbartonshire.)  A new family home, the famed "Cameron House" (named after the "crooked" peninsula of land at Loch Lomond on which it is located, not a Cameron family connection) was built in 1763.  It now contains a small museum on Tobias Smollett.

This short but rather interesting excerpt is dated circa 1766, the year of Smollett's final visit to his native Scotland.  The Cameron of Lochiel to whom he refers was John Cameron of Lochiel, XX Chief, who died in 1762, a mere three years after returning to Scotland.