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"The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders"
Letter to the Editor of The Scotsman
from The Scotsman
December 23, 1891

Achnacarry, December 21, 1891

Sir, - Some few weeks ago a letter appeared in your columns on the subject of the conversion of the Cameron Highlanders (old 79th Regiment) into a 3d Battalion of the Scots Guards, and headed with the query, "Where is Lochiel?"

Until to-day I have been unable to answer satisfactorily the question in this connection, and though grieved to think that it ever was contemplated to abolish a Lochaber-raised regiment with such a record of splendid services as that emblazoned on the colours of the "Camerons," I felt that I might help the cause in some more practical way than by penning lamentations in the newspapers.

I am now happily in a position to say that the authorities at the War Office have, it is to be presumed after careful deliberation, determined not to convert the regiment into a 3d Battalion of the Scots Guards. - I am, &c.

Donald Cameron of Lochiel