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Cameron Rally
Clansmen at Achnacarry on Friday
Guests of Lochiel
from The Scotsman
June 21, 1938

Over 600 people from all over the world are expected to attend the Cameron rally on Friday at Achnacarry Castle, the ancestral home of Sir Donald Walter Cameron of Lochiel, K.T., 25th Chief of the clan.

Lieut. K. K. Cameron, president of the Fort William branch of the clan, who is to be marshal of the rally, told a Press representative yesterday that 300 are booked to travel by special train from Glasgow on Friday morning.  "We expect 200 from the Fort William district alone," he said, "and many will come by bus and private car from all parts."

Among the many distinguished Camerons who will be present are General Sir Archibald Cameron, late General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Scottish Command; General Sir Neville Cameron; and Sir D.Y. Cameron, the artist.  It is hoped that the new high-power engines being specially built by the L.M.S. for the West Highland service will be ready in time to take the special train.  The new engine will be named Cameron of Lochiel in recognition of the occasion, and it is planned to have driver, guard, and fireman all members of the clan.

The clan march at Achnacarry will be led by Mr Donald Hamish Cameron, the heir to the Chief, headed by a band of pipers playing "The March of the Cameron Men."  The clansmen will be shown many interesting historic relics, including the crystal wine glass from which Prince Charlie drank to the success of the 1745 rising.  They will also explore the famous dark mile, a thick avenue of trees where Prince Charlie took refuge after the disaster of Culloden.

The guests will be received by Lochiel and Lady Hermione Cameron, who regard the occasion as the realisation of a great desire and an outstanding event in the clan's history.