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Tributes to Lochiel
from The Scotsman
December 2, 1905

In Inverness yesterday, tributes were paid to the memory of the late Convener of the County.  Before the business of the Sheriff Court commenced, Sheriff J.P. Grant said it was fitting that he should refer to the great loss which the county had sustained by the death of their Lord-Lieutenant and Convener of County Council.  As they were aware, Lochiel had, in his earlier years, served in the diplomatic service, and had gained a wide view of men and affairs.  For seventeen years he was a. most useful and accessible county member, in thorough touch with the wants and feelings of his constituents.  His innate sweetness of nature, dignified courtesy with all who had come in contact with him, was proverbial, and his memory would be ever fragrant in the county.  Mr William Mackay, Sub-Dean of Faculty, said, whether as chief of an ancient and famous clan, or as a large proprietor and extensive farmer, or as a member of Parliament, they always found Lochiel a thorough man of business, and a kindly, tactful, and reliable guide.  Like his ancestor of the '45, he was the same gentle Lochiel - gentle in his manner and his methods.  They deplored his death, and offered their condolence to Lady Margaret and family.  At the Finance Committee meeting of the Inverness-shire County Council - Mr Beattie, factor for the Earl of Moray, presiding - a tribute was also paid to the memory of Lochiel.