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Lochiel's Visit to Flora MacDonald College
from The Scotsman
July 18, 1923

A communication from Flora Macdonald College, Bed Springs, N.C., U.S.A., dated July 7, 1923, says: - Flora Macdonald College has received with much rejoicing and satisfaction the news that Lochiel, chief of the Cameron Clan of Scotland, will arrive in the United States about October 15, accompanied by his wife, Lady Hermione.  They will be the guests of the College in the section aptly named by the former Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels - "The land of the God-blessed Macs."  The distinguished chieftain, with his lady, will take passage on the Cameronia.  Plans are under way to make the occasion of their visit great gathering of the Scots in the two Carolinas and will be hold under the direct auspices of the Scottish Society of America, which last year officially invited the chief of the Clan Cameron to visit the States.

Editor's Notes: This visit to the U.S. is said to have been immediately preceded by a visit to Canada