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The Young Lochiel
Coming-of-Age Presentation - Casket and Address
from The Scotsman
December 12, 1931

Clan loyalty and sentiment was demonstrated at the 27th annual gathering of the Clan Cameron Association, held in the Berkeley Hall, Glasgow, last night, when Mr Donald Seumas Cameron of Lochiel, the son of the chief, received a presentation on the occasion of his coming-of-age.  Lochiel presided over a large attendance of clansmen and their friends, and the platform party included Lady Hermione Cameron, the Duchess of Montrose, Lady Helen Graham, Lord Provost Sir Thomas Kelly, and Mr John Cameron, the president of the Association.

The chief spoke of the famous part played by the clan in the history of Scotland, and latterly in the history of the Empire.  He thought the Cameron Highlanders occupied almost a novel position.  Without desiring to give offence to any other Highland regiment, he stated it was perhaps the most distinctive clan regiment we had in the British Army. (Applause.)  The connection and relationship between the Clan Cameron and the Cameron Highlanders had always been exceedingly close, and to him it would always be a matter of the greatest pride that he should have been asked to raise those four battalions of the Cameron Highlanders at the beginning of the Great War.  Since he last presided at their annual gathering, no fewer than 150 additional members and 58 additional life members had joined their clan Association. (Applause.)  Letters had been placed in his hands that night from Camerons all over the world wishing to join the Association and to be associated with their fellow clansmen.  The letters included a number from South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, San Francisco, and California, which showed that no matter where he was, a Cameron always remained a Cameron. (Applause.)

In the unavoidable absence of Sir D.Y. Cameron, who is a kinsman of the chief, Mr John Cameron made the presentation to the young Lochiel.  This took the form of a beautifully wrought silver casket, containing an address on vellum.

The casket was specially designed by Sir D.Y. Cameron.  Before making the presentation, Mr Cameron read a letter from the Duke of Montrose, who was unable to be present owing to an attack of influenza.  They were gathered together as a great family, said Mr Cameron, to do honour to Donald Seumas Cameron, younger of Lochiel, and to express their joy and loyalty on the occasion of his coming of age.  The clan system, he added, was certainly dead, but the clan spirit was still strong and living.

The young Lochiel acknowledged the kindness of his clansmen in a very appropriate address.

At the conclusion of his speech the audience rose and sang "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow."

On behalf of the citizens of Glasgow, the Lord Provost, and also extended heartiest felicitations to the young Lochiel.