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Clan Cameron Branch Formed in London
from The Scotsman
July 15, 1937

A London branch of the Clan Cameron Association was formed last night at a meeting of members of the clan in London.  The meeting was held at 95a Chancery Lane.  The formation of Clan Cameron (London) is part of a movement, spreading throughout the Empire and the United States, to reunite the clan.  The Chief of the clan, Sir Donald Cameron, of Lochiel, was represented at the meeting by his son, Mr D.H. Cameron, Younger of Lochiel, who presided.

Mr D.H. Cameron read a message from Sir Donald Cameron, saying that he had learned with much interest of the proposal to form a branch of the Clan Cameron in London.  He had been told that there were more Camerons in London than in either Edinburgh or Glasgow, and it was only fitting there should be a branch of their clan in the capital of the Empire.

At present, there was a world wide movement going on to form branches of the clan wherever Camerons might be found, in order that the whole clan should be launched together as one family, as in the days of yore.  That movement had taken strong hold in Australia and New Zealand, and plans were being made to organise the clan in Canada and the United States.  The London branch would be a powerful asset to the clanCamerons must never forget that their motto was " Unity" and that applied to all members of the clan, wherever they might reside.  Sir Donald Cameron's message concluded with good wishes and fraternal greetings.

Messages of good wishes and promises of support were received from members of the clan in many parts of the country and the world.


Mr John Cameron, who was elected honorary organising secretary, said that circulars had been sent to all addresses of Camerons in the London telephone book, and many others throughout England.  He had had over 100 responses, and from Ireland as well.  Anybody with Cameron blood and the right spirit might join their Association.  The idea was to register everybody belonging to the clan, throughout the world.

Mr D.H. Cameron said he knew the Chief was interested in the idea of having a rally at Lochaber, at some suitable time in the future, possibly. next year when the great Empire Exhibition at Glasgow would probably cause many Camerons from overseas to gravitate towards Scotland.

Sir Donald Cameron, of Lochiel, was elected President of Clan Cameron (London), and Mr D.H. Cameron, a Vice-President.  Others elected to Vice-Presidencies were Captain Evan Cameron, Colonel E.A. Cameron, of Lundura, Sir Donald Cameron, Sir Edward Cameron, Sir John Cameron, and the Baroness Dunalley.

Mr J.A. Cameron was elected as honorary treasurer, and Mr Robert Forsyth Cameron as honorary auditor.  A sub-committee was appointed to formulate rules and regulations.