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Achnacarry Castle
Lochiel's Home Damaged by Fire
from The Scotsman
November 8, 1943

Achnacarry Castle, the ancestral home of Colonel Sir D.W. Cameron of Lochiel, Lord Lieutenant of the county of Inverness, was saved from destruction by fire early on Saturday (November 6, 1943) after six hours fire-fighting by N.F.S. detachments from Fort William and Inverness.  The fire started shortly after midnight, and the flames could be seen for miles around.  The firemen prevented the fire from spreading beyond the central portion of the building, where the outbreak is believed to have started.  Several large rooms were badly damaged and part of the roof was destroyed.  Heirlooms and other valuables were saved.  The castle, which was requisitioned for war purposes a considerable time ago, was completed by Lochiel's great-grandfather in 1837 to replace the old castle, which was burned down towards the end of the eighteenth century.  In June 1938, members of the Cameron Clan from all parts of the world attended a great rally at Achnacarry.

Editor's Notes: In fact, "Old Achnacarry" was burned down in 1746.  Also see the excerpt from Donald Gilchrist's book, "Castle Commando," regarding this fire.