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Report on Lochiel Estate Rent Deductions
from The Edinburgh Advertiser
January 12, 1819

A correspondent in the West Highlands informs us, that during these late years of unequalled loss and suffering in the concerns of Highland farming, Mr. Cameron of Lochiel was the first proprietor in that district to give an example of the necessity of supporting the tenants.  At Martinmas 1816 he ordered the tenants generally on his estates a deduction to the extent of one-fifth of their respective rents; at Martinmas 1817 he did the same; and at Martinmas last, although the great prices that had been given during the summer and autumn for all kinds of Highland produce had done away much of the remaining effect of previous suffering, which considering the reduced amount of numbers of which the severity of past years had left the tenants the power to dispose, and at the same time to keep up their stocks, the tenants of Lochiel were farther ordered a deduction of ten per cent, and as this was the more unlooked for, its effect in every way was more sensibly felt.