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Oaths of Government - Taken in Lochaber
from the Edinburgh Advertiser
April 18, 1794


The Clergy and Gentlemen of the Roman Catholic persuasion in Lochaber and Badenoch, met here this day, and with the greatest cordiality took the oaths of government, prescribed by law, before Ewen Cameron of Glenevis, Esq.; and the Rev. Mr. Thomas Ross, minister of Kilmanivaig, two of his Majesty's Justices of the peace, for the County of Inverness, after which they spent the evening with the greatest good humour and conviviality, and drank a number of toasts, expressive of their loyalty and attachment to their King and Country, and of the sincerest resolutions must vigourosly to support the measures of government at all times and particularly against the evil intentions and machinations of the common enemy.

Editor's Notes: An interesting development, surely reflecting a need to ensure Crown loyalty, ten years following the restoration of the Lochiel Estate and one year following the raising of the 79th Cameron Highlanders regiment.