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71st Highlanders - Orders from Lochiel
April 6, 1776

HEADQUARTERS, 6th April, 1776

ALL OFFICERS and others, belonging to the 71st or Major General Fraser's regiment of Highlanders, are ordered to repair immediately to Glagsow, as the regiment is to be inspected there on Monday the 15th __, and to march from thence for embarkation immediately.

(Signed) Chas. Cameron, Adjutant, 71st reg.  

Editor's Notes: Lieutenant Charles Cameron, XXII Chief of Clan Cameron, recruited and commanded a company of 120 men drawn from his own clan.  He was in ill health when the 71st was ordered to America, and although he did travel from London to Glasgow, to join them, due to his health doctors forbade him to join the men on their voyage across the Atlantic.  He died shortly afterwards.

Various newspapers ran this notice, including the Edinburgh Advertiser, on April 9, 1776.