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Lochiel Heir Comes of Age
- 1000 Clansmen Celebrate -
Unknown Newspaper
August 1967

On Saturday the hills and glens of Achnacarry Inverness-shire resounded to the voices of over 1,000 clansmen who had gathered at the seat of the Clan Cameron - Achnacarry Castle - to celebrate the coming-of-age of Donald Angus Cameron, the Chief's heir.

From far and wide, by bus, car, on foot, and even by pony over the hills did they travel to join the celebrations.

In the parks in front of the castle Clansmen from as far away as Canada and Australia intermingled and talked over a meal of Highland fare - salmon and venison from the Chieftain's Estate - specially prepared and served in marquees around the grounds.

Clansmen took part in six-a-side shinty competitions and vied with one another in tug of war matches while the Fort William Pipe Band in their Clan Cameron tartan kilts played selections.  Highland dancing displays were given by Miss Molly Cameron's young dancers from Fort William.

During the afternoon, the huge gathering saw the young heir, at present attending Oxford University, being presented with a hammerless rifle from the Clan Cameron Association.

Earlier in the week estate workers gathered at Achnacarry and presented the young heir with a telescope and cheque.

They marched to the summit of a nearby hill, and after toasting his health with a dram of whisky, a bonfire was lit by 84-year-old Rebecca Stewart whose family has served the Lochiel estates for over 300 years.

And late on Saturday night celebrations continued when a ceilidh was held in a large marquee and clansmen drank to Donald Angus who from now will play a large part in the management in the Estates of his father, the Chieftain Col. D.H. Cameron of Lochiel.

Col. D.H. Cameron of Lochiel, who welcomed everyone to the gathering had a special word for those who worked on the Lochiel Estates.

He told his audience that the continuity of a clan served a useful purpose even in the present day.


And added the Chieftain, "We are here today holding our fifth Gathering with the added pleasure of celebrating the coming-of-age of my eldest son Donald."

Lochiel went on to say that he was sure his sons and daughters would receive the same support from the various clan association, tenants, etc, as was his good fortune to receive since he himself celebrated his coming-of-age some 37 years ago.  Despite what the future would hold, he was sure that Donald would receive and merit their friendship.

Lochiel then called upon Mr Alec Cameron to present Donald with a gift from Camerons throughout the world.

Adding their gifts to those of the clansmen were Provost Canon George Henderson on behalf of Fort William Town Council, Mr Donald Kennedy, Lochyside, from the crofters, and Kilmallie Shinty Club.

In reply, Donald thanked all for gathering to celebrate his coming-of-age and for the many presents he had received.

He said that he hoped to spend as much time as possible at Achnacarry as he would be helping to administer the Estates with his father.

The young heir, wished his sister Ann, who also had her birthday on Saturday, many happy returns.  This gesture received long and loud applause.


Among many telegrams received was one from Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip, and also one from Her Majesty the Queen Mother.

The young heir hopes to take up an appointment in Chartered Accountancy in Glasgow after completing his Oxford studies.

After receiving the gift of a shotgun, Donald tried it out at the clay pigeon shoot and proved his skill.

The castle was tastefully decorated for the occasion by the Fort William Floral Art Club.