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Article on Alexander Anthony Cameron
from Scots Magazine
September 1933

At Loch Treig, on the 28th day of March 1877, Alexander Anthony Cameron was born, and twenty-two years later the big lad came down to Glasgow to join Captain Cameron’s Patrick policemen.  Cameron had thrown weights since he was a boy, exciting the interest of Kenneth M’Rae, and at the age of twenty-one had won the stone at the Fort-William gathering.

So to the Patrick gymnasium and the wonderful years.  Better and better Cameron developed, and then came the year 1904.  Six feet one there was of the giant, and seventeen stone of him, with a 48 chest and an 18-inch biceps.  The thighs of the man looked abnormal with their 28 ˝ inches.  He got going at his own police sports at the beginning of July, and he put up three records that day – the heavy ball, the heavy hammer, and the 28 lb. weight.  Further, he won all the heavy-weight events; and he repeated his performance at Strathallan.

Then, as Scottish champion, he set off to New Zealand with George Johnson.  He came back to Scotland , and despite all the splendid offers made to him by Hackensmidt and others, he decided he had had enough, and returned to his hills in Lochaber.  But he left a memory behind of strength and kindliness.  Fourteen world’s professional records stood to his credit, and a hundred stories of extraordinary feats performed almost as jokes.